January 21, 2012

Lunch at Breezes Cayman Islands

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After doing a little bit of shopping at the waterfront I thought I'd try Breezes for lunch as opposed to Hard Rock for once. Normally I avoid George Town if there's more than 1 cruise ship in as the traffic and tourists can make the town hectic. Fortunately today was my lucky day with not a ship in sight and Breezes was open.

I'd normally try their Jamaican Jerk Chicken burger but on this occasion and to continue my "best burger in cayman" quest I opted for Breezes Big Burger. As i'd not been to Breezes in a while I keep forgetting that instead of providng fries with their burgers they give you crisps – crazy but they simply never change! So I forgot to order the fries and was stuck with a bag of crisps without the bag.

As for the burger I've never tasted a burger in Cayman that didn't actually taste of anything. I munched into this "Big Burger" which looked nice but it didn't leave me with any lingering beef or sauce taste – rather strange I think. Now I have to decide whether Breezes burger replaces Kai Bo's as the worst in cayman – probably not – just!

Cost: CI$13

Contact details for Breezes:

George Town
Grand Cayman
Cayman Islands

Phone: 943 8439

Web: http://breezesbythebay.com

December 31, 2011

Ragazzi Cayman Islands

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I've boycotted Ragazzi restaurant in Grand Cayman for a good few years now after a previous attempt to visit it on my wife's birthday resulted in us being ignored and left standing at the entrance for 10 minutes. Anyway, one of my good friends is leaving the island this weekend so I suggested treating her to a meal at her favourite restaurant – she would choose Ragazzi.

As ever the restaurant was busy – as I've been told, but we did get a table after 10 minutes of loitering at the bar without a seat and dodging the waiters and waitresses.

So for starters out of a choice of around 10 items I played safe with the capresse on avery large plate – Fresh mozzarella, vine ripened tomatoes, basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, which thankfully you can't really go wrong with, and on this occasion the salad was indeed lovely if slightly diminished by the amount of plate.

Anytime I visit an Italian resturant for the first time I like to try their pizzas to see whether they'll knock Dominos off my "best pizza in cayman" list. Tonight I ordered a Diavola (read spicy pepperoni) pizza which was thin based and around 10" wide. It was nice but nothing to write home about for CI16.

Will I be back? Maybe in a few years.

Total Bill: CI$81

Contact details for Ragazzi Grand Cayman

Buckingham Square
West Bay Road
Grand Cayman
Cayman Islands

Phone: 945 3484

web: http://www.ragazzi.ky

November 30, 2011

Grand Old House

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Once a year we visit the Grand Old House for our wedding anniversary celebration – sure we pass it most weeks when heading to birthday parties or taking the scenic route to the East End, but generally don't go in as it's not the most affordable restaurant on the island.

So tonight was the once a year trip and how fortunate we were to have an early company Christmas party on the sea side of the balcony and another huge party inside the actual building.

For starters the special tonight was Beef Ravioli which anyone who has lived on the island long enough would know is served nowhere else in Cayman. I guess i was expecting proper ravioli but I should have been suspicious at the description of "Open Beef Ravioli" – basically it was tasty minced beef placed between two large open layers of Lasagna pasta.

From experience I know that the Grand Old House makes the best Steak in all of Grand Cayman, so given the options tonight I ordered the usual 12 Oz Steak with pepper corn sauce and an extra side of fries. My words simply can explain how scrumptious this steak is, sure it's expensive, but hey we do it once a year.

Dessert was a tough choice between Sticky Toffee Pudding and a Banana Bread Pudding – the latter won. Actually that reminds me I need to learn how to make bread puddings!

Will I be back? In exactly one year I suspect.

Total Cost: CI$126 for 2.

Contact details for Grand Old House Cayman

648 South Church Street,
George Town,
Grand Cayman,
Cayman Islands
web: www.grandoldhouse.com
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October 25, 2011

Breakfast at Britannia Restaurant Grand Cayman

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It's been about a year since we last had breakfast in Britannia restaurant – at that time I couldn't stop telling everyone about the delicious waffles that I'd found! After travelling by the hotel twice daily for years i'd finally found the best place in The Cayman Islands for waffles.

So for some reason we kept passing Britannia with the memories of that tasty waffle when we decided a few days ago to actually return and fingers crossed devour a few more.

We arrived a the perfect time of 10.30am as the place was dead – not a soul in sight – just the way I like it i.e. quiet. With not a cloud in the Sky, and Iguanas nibbling the shrubbery the scene was set for what I'd hoped was a perfect breakfast.

The menu's changed and there's no longer a waffle in sight :-(

I then went for the backup option of pancakes – 15 minutes later five perfectly shaped little pancakes stacked high and surrounded with a small selection of fresh fruits arrived – it certainly looked enticing. However with that first bite I knew that the chef had used a prepackaged pancake mix :-( Now I know pancake mix is acceptable if you're prepared for it, and have been warned in advance, but why would a restaurant that's charging me CI$10 for this not actually attempt to create the pancake from the rather simple ingredients instead of completely destroying my taste buds? If you're going to use prepacked pancake mix then the cost should be about CI$4.

Will i be back? Very unlikely!

Total cost for 2: CI$28

Contact details for Britannia:

Britannia Golf Course,
West Bay Road,
Grand Cayman,
Cayman Islands

Phone: 745 4655

Web: http://britannia-golf.com

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September 10, 2011

Breakfast at The Comfort Suites Cayman Islands

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Our friends we're staying at the Comfort Suites whilst visiting the Cayman Islands for two weeks, and raved about how great the breakfast buffet was – so obviously this was a challenge!

The breakfast is a American style buffet selection with bagels, cereal, waffles, eggs, sausages etc. Unlike every other breakfast buffet on the island the Comfort Suites offers a self service Belgian Waffle maker – now if you're a waffle lover like myself this is a great find! Okay, so the Ritz does offer Belgian waffles as well, however these come at triple the price!

There's a great bagel selection including plain, cinnamon, wheat and another one i couldn't identify which remarkably are actually fresh.

As a lover of youghurt it was great to see that Comfort Suites stores there youghurt in a "fridge", too many other hotels simply lay the youghurt out in a bowl of ice at 6am and leave them there for 4 hours – by the time 8am comes along all the youghurts are floating in a bowl of water!

All in all a great buffet breakfast!

cost for two: CI$40

Comfort Suites contact details

Seven Mile Beach
West Bay Road,
PO BOX 30238
Grand Cayman
Cayman Islands.


Tel:(345) 945-7300

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