March 12, 2010

Sunset House Cayman Islands

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One of the places I like to frequent after a long week of work is Sunset House.

If you're arriving after 5pm on a Friday you'll rarely find a seat due to it popularity, however on this specific day we were lucky. I've previously went for the Chicken Quesadillas but as I'm trying to get the 6 pack for the summer season (cough, cough) I'm on a diet (jetta po) so opted for the Chicken Caesar Salad tonight. Strangely enough I believe this is probably the best Chicken Caesar Salad on the island:-o

Sunset House seems to be one of the few restaurants/pubs on island that actually charge per glass of soda :-o But unlike other places they stuff the glasses full of ice before filling the remaining space with the drink, so what would normally be one drink elsewhere for $1.50 turns into a $4.50 drink at Sunset House :-s

 Good: Chicken Caesar Salad

Bad: Ice stuffed drinks

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