June 23, 2010

Eats Cafe Cayman Islands

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On the odd occasion that I'm awake at 7am during the week I like to head to Eats cafe as they make the best Pancakes and indeed French Toast on this beautiful island. Sure other places like Cimboco also cook-up some delicious French Toast or Coconut Joe's claim they create the best Pancake on the island (they don't), but I've tried them all and have settled on Eats cafe.

So on this lovely morning the cafe was nice and quiet – unlike the weekends where there's always a queue for a seat before 11am, and I tossed a coin for the choice of Pancake or French Toast and got the latter. Five minutes later the Indian chefs had finished my order as three large slices of French Toast then appeared at my table with the extra dollop of whipped cream and some strawberries. The only thing I could do to make this breakfast any better was to sprinkle a generous helping of Canadian maple syrup over the lot – yum yum!

Eats make the best French Toast and Pancakes on the islands – no question!:-)

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