October 30, 2010

Best Dessert in The Cayman Islands?

Instead of heading to my usual favourite Friday night restaurant of Hard Rock for the sinful brownie, I'd spotted an advert claiming that Chang's has a 50% off Starters night – so needless to say I had to give this a shot.

I confirmed the "50% off offer" upon entering the restaurant, as I've been fooled into believing restaurants had special offers on only to discover they had odd conditions:

  • You're sitting in the wrong part of the restaurant for that
  • That's only available between 4pm & 6pm – it's 6.05pm
  • You ordered the large portion instead of the normal portion
  • etc

Anyway, true enough this was indeed the 50% off night.

So for "starters" we had the spicy chicken skewers which came with a lovely tamarind sauce; The steamed (read healthy) pork dumplings whith a strong dose of mirin sauce, and the famous Changs Spare Ribs.

I've talked previously about Changs Spare Ribs being the best on the island, and indeed nothing has changed there – these baby's are huge and the meat just hangs off them. Other restaurants seem to offer large bones with thin strips of meat, but changes does the opposite – thin bones with chunks of meat:-)

Oddly enough this didn't fill us up so we asked about the "desserts" – of the three offerings the "chocolate mousse" cake sounded the most appealing.

5 minutes later one of the waiters walked up to our table with a HUGE 7 later chocolate mousse cake slice. Now when I say HUGE i mean this thing was 7 inches tall and about 5 inches wide :-o never have I actually seen such a large slice of cake in front of me. If you've seen the programme "Man Versus Food" on the Travel Channel then this is the kind of thing Adam would endeavour to record an epsiode about.

The actual slice was the best dessert I've ever tried in the Cayman Islands, yes it's better than a sinful brownie from Hard Rock, a Chocolate Brownie from LoneStar or a Caramel Cheesecake slice from Treats :-o It was a pure chocolate overdose which the two of us couldn't actually finish.

After stopping we wondered how much it actually cost – $9.50 was the answer, which might seem expensive, but it's about double or triple the size of your standard dessert anywhere else on island.

Total cost of meal? $31

My middle name is "Chang" now!

October 28, 2010

What has happened to Lonestar in the Cayman Islands?

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My favourite Steak restaurant closed its doors for renovation early in September and whilst driving by it every day I'd been noticing the outside improvements – clearly aimed at expanding the "dry area" for when the rain pours down, yet I had assumed they wouldn't touch the menu?

A bit of background would be useful here – Lonestar was my #1 restaurant on the planet from the summer of 2007 until around the summer of 2008 when they had their "fajita buffet" nights on a Thursday and I would devour on average 10 of those spicy babies WEEKLY.

Yet "something" happened in the summer of 2008, the place closed for a while, all the posters of "texas gals" were replaced by graffiti from tourists who were encouraged to "tag" the wall near where they were obviously sitting with their confessions of love for Debbie, Carmen or Tila, or whichever "gal" was sitting across from them on that lucky night.

Alas the changes weren't just the "look and feel" going down hill, as my Thursday night treat was replaced by an "Old Ol paso" equivalent, which was vastly different to what I was use to. Now some of you might say, a restaurant can't survive on a buffet night every night, but my response would be along the lines of "the place was always packed". Personally I think the Chef(s) got rolled over or worse!

Anyway the summer of 2008 marked the start of by boycott of Lonestar for lowering its standard of food and turning into a amaeture graffiti den. I think they actually stopped the buffet nights later that year – though I'm not claiming that's due to my "disappearance".

Around March of this year (2010) I decided to give Lonestar another try, but for this time it was lunch – Beef Chimichanga. So over the following months their tasty Chimichanga was on my "once every two weeks for lunch" list – right up until it "closed for renovations" in September.

I had also started to go there once a month for their baby back ribs and steak combo, with the chocolate brownie cake for dessert – best dessert on island.

So tonight in honor of Lonestar being open once more, and after licking my lips in anticipation of their delicious Sirloin steaks I decided to go their for dinner.

The place looks a bit cleaner that what I remember, but the great menu they had "pre-renovation" has "changed". My baby back ribs have vanished, my lunchtime Chimichanga has been "rolled-over" and to add sin into the evening the Pepsi had been watered down (Think Popeyes for a moment). Let me add a cherry to this story by saying that the best Steakhouse in cayman, okay, affordable steakhouse in Cayman had NO STEAK available tonight :-o Hello?

On a plus side the buffalo wings for starters were nice, but where's by steak gone? I need to bump them down my list of "best restaurants in the cayman islands".

October 18, 2010

Dinner at Popeyes in Cayman Islands

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After visiting Edie's Decor tonight I felt hungry and couldn't be bothered heading home to cook -  who's right along Eastern Avenue from where I was? Popeyes!

I've heard mixed reviews about Popeyes with most of them in the "non-favourable"  category to be polite, so for some strange reason decided that I'd better make my own mind up about the new restaurant.

The place was empty when we walked through the doors, and there doesn't actually seem to be very many staff. I had a quick review of the menu and went for a chicken sandwich combo, and chose the Cuban rice for the side. After getting the meal I realized that it didn't come with fries, so had to order a separate portion for us.

The actual bread of the chicken sandwich was very nice, but the chicken seem pretty plain. The fries reminded me of Kai Bo's which are the worst on the island – ok so I'll say Popeye's are the second worst then. The Cuban rice side was ok, just nothing to write home about.

So on the whole I think I'll stick with Colonel Sanders at KFC where everything seems much better, well apart from the bread.

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October 9, 2010

Lunch at Full of Beans, Cayman Islands

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Given the number of years I’ve lived on this Island and the number of restaurant doors I’ve walked through I can now confirm that I’ve visited Full of Beans for the first time. Why hadn’t I stumbled across this abode before you may well ask? well, my honest answer would be I had no idea where it was.

It wasn’t on Seven Mile Beach where I drive up and down several times a day passing my favourite place Thai Orchid, it wasn’t at the waterfront where I can watch the sunset whilst having a Sinful Chocolate Brownie at Hard Rock and it definately wasn’t one of the four restaurants East of Bodden Town.

It turns out that Full of Beans is located in that famous restaurant hub of Pasadora Place! Slight smell of sarcasm there, however I only stumbled across the establishment when visiting Super Stitch which is right next door.

From the outside Full of Beans seems much larger than it actually is on the inside.

As for the actual food the menu has a great selection of salads which I’ll attempt to work my way through over the coming months. So for the lunch today I went for a BLT, which turned-out to be better than i’d hoped for, well apart from the side salad with a few slices of beetroot, whose sauce proceeded to turn the salad and the bottom half of my BLT purple. For dessert we ordered what looked like a slice of cheesecake but which turned-out to actually be a slice of keylime pie – admittedly the waitress did warn me that she’d got it wrong, but as ever I said surely there’s not too much lime in this key lime pie slice? As before, I’m always wrong on this count!

So as for the BLT, was it good, yes, is it better than any other BLT on island? well off the top of my head i can’t think of anywhere else that offers BLT’s – Over The Edge has a Chicken Club sandwich which uses the cheapest cheese it’s possible to buy, and hence I avoid; Tiki Beach has a much better Chicken Club sandwich. So unless my memory improves I’ll say Full of Beans has Cayman’s #1 BLT.

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October 4, 2010

Pizza Hut, Cayman Islands

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Firstly let me lay my cards on the table and say that I'm the biggest fan of Dominos Pizza  – nobody else in Cayman has eaten as much great pizza from Dominos as I have over the years! I've only fallen off the wagon three times:

  1. When some friends appeared with a Papa Johns after confusing my "request"
  2. When I was forced to consume a Gino's due to sheer hunger and not a sign of any other edible food in sight
  3. When first on the Island I sampled Pizza Hut assuming it would be "just like" that of back home

The Papa Johns was far from exciting; the Gino's was swimming in grease, and the Pizza Hut went right through me in 20 minutes. My second attempt with Pizza Hut was about two years after that memorable first, and again ended with the same "outcome" as before. So why exactly did I decide tonight to go for Gold with a third strike at Pizza Hut? well i guess it's laziness as I was passing by it at the moment of making the decision :-o So we went for a large BBQ Chicken pizza with 10 chicken wings for starters and a 2 liter Diet Pepsi – total cost $31. The chicken wings come covered in sauce unlike Domino's where you can choose to have the sauce on the side, but the actual BBQ Chicken pizza was okay – not very spicy or tangy, but the sauce was lovely. But more importantly for me the Pizza actually stayed where it was meant to this time! So how do I rate this pizza supplier:

  1. Dominos (no question it's the best)
  2. Pizza Hut
  3. Papa John's
  4. Gino's ( a greasy last)

What about the chicken wings?

  1. Dominos
  2. Lonestar
  3. Hard Rock
  4. Legendz
  5. Pizza Hut
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