November 21, 2010

Thai Orchid, Cayman Islands – Dinner

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My favourite restaurant in the Cayman Islands is Thai orchid, if every other restaurant vanished in a puff of smoke overnight I wouldn't be upset as my #1 restaurant would still be here :-)

So why do I like the place so much? Well I guess it's the spicy food, the sushi, the sticky toffee puddings, the atmosphere, the staff – everything perfectly rolled into one restaurant where I know I can go and have no doubts about the quality of the food.

So tonight after going to church we decided to head to my favourite restaurant where as ever the food was delicious. I chose the chicken satay, where the marinated chicken comes in 4 skewers with the actual satay as a side dip and is accompanied by a small sweet cucumber salad – yum yum.

For the main I went back to my favourite Chicken Panang curry, which resembles a small bowl of soup with the actual chicken pieces marinated in it. The sweetness of the dishes always makes me think it should be a dessert. And speaking of which tonight I ventured into the land of the sticky toffee pudding – probably the best on the island!

November 2, 2010

Pipinos Pizza in The Cayman Islands

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When I'm fortunate enough to get out the office for lunch I love to head to the waterfront, especially when it's nice and sunny.

If there are no cruise ships in or perhaps only one then I'll head to Hard Rock for a Cobb Salad without the egg, or Breezes for one of their great Jamaican Jerk Chicken Sandwiches. Yet with the high tourist season being upon us at the moment the chances of getting served quickly in these establishments is lower ;-) On these occasions Pipino's Pizza is my port of call.

Even since coming on holiday to Grand Cayman, long before actually moving here, I've been a big fan of Pipino and his pizza, and indeed his Gnocchi. Those two slices of Pepperoni, or veggie when I'm on my diet, washed down with a cool diet pepsi whilst watching all the American Tourists wander around just make my lunches ever so better.

So what do I nibble on after those two slices of pizza ? well it can only be some cookies and cream, and pralines and cream ice cream from Haagen Dasz – yum yum!

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