January 22, 2011

Sunshine Suites Cayman Islands – Lunch

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So I've been on the island for a good few years now and this is my second visit to the Sunshine Suites Restaurant – the first time was to try their "#1 best burger on island"; sorry but I don't quite agree with that.

On this lovely sunny Saturday afternoon we decided to try the islands "best fish tacos", which is the message proudly plastered on their billboard on West bay road.

The restaurant was packed with tourists that are staying at the resort but we managed to squeeze into a corner table right next to some drunk twenty-something yanks – great!. Thankfully the menu reminded me that Sunshine Suites Fish Tacos won the #1 prize at Taste of Cayman, although the actual year this occurred isn't listed. 

So we ordered and had to wait 30 minutes for the fish tacos to arrive – thankfully they were indeed delicious and as I know nowhere else on the island that actually sells these i'd certainly say they're the islands #1! Joking aside the fish (Mahi Mahi) was lovely and the taco I was expecting, I'm thinking Old El Paso hard shell here, was actually a flour tortilla. The sauce used was slightly spicy, but for me the spicier the better!

So will I be back? Hell yeah! Will I try the burger again? Nah, Legendz or Hard Rock is better for that, but I'll definitely be nibbling on some fish tacos soon!

Contact details:

Sunshine Suites,
1112 West Bay Rd
Grand Cayman KY1-1201

Tel: (345) 949-3000
Fax: (345) 949-1200
Web: www.sunshinesuites.com

January 20, 2011

Michael’s Genuine Restaurant Cayman Islands

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I guess I had to eventually try Michael's Genuine Restaurant one of these days.

The place always seems empty at lunch when I'm sitting "across the road" at Black Trumpet, however as soon as the night arrives Michael's Genuine Restaurant quickly fills with all the 40-60 something expats and well-off tourists.

I'd heard two bad reviews about Michael's and one positive since opening, so this was probably the reason i'd stayed away.

Twas my luck that a friend was leaving the island and had chosen the restaurant as her "leaving do" :-o .

Anyway, as it was happy hour, the menu selection offered was more akin to "finger food" for $4 for 15 olives, to $9 for the islands smallest burger. I also tried some Falafel fritter which seemed to resemble a ball of deep fried grass – will need to avoid trying that next time.

For dessert I chose the sticky toffee pudding which was again rather small, and certainly not as good as that offered by Thai orchid.

I don't normally talk about toilets as cottaging isn't my thing, however the urinal in the "boys toilet" seems to be set at the preferred height of Verne Troyer aka Mini Me – surely we can get a proper urinal in there ?

Will I go back? yeah probably – for the larger portions with luck!

PS. Why's everyone leaving the Islands for Toronto – better food, more shops, mmmm ?

January 2, 2011

Tukka Restaurant Cayman Islands – Lunch

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We were heading to Rum Point today, like most of the island apparently, and decided to try the new restaurant that has replaced Portofino. I couldn't remember it's name but several signs along the road towards the East End kept mentioning "Tukka", which was indeed the name for the new place.

It was only upon arrival we realized they were offering a CI$40 + tips Sunday brunch, which I felt was a bit steep for somewhere on the other side of the Island from Seven Mile Beach establishments. Anyway we asked about ordering from the menu as opposed to going for the brunch and the Chef/Waiter said that was ok.

The actual layout of Tukka is exactly the same as the old Portofino but the new colour scheme seems to be a strange shade of "Orange", and I mean this colour is plastered everywhere.

The menu is a bit smaller than I'd expected, and for this first visit we went for a conch and crocodile fritters – yes you did read that properly, I did say crocodile. Portofino made one of the best conch fritters on the Islands, so my hopes were high for this Conch/Crocodile combination, however the portion size vs cost seems to be off i.e. it's too expensive for those four fritters. The actual fritter itself was rather dry and more solid than say The Lighhouse.

For the main I selected the jerk Chicken Burger with fries – now there was no mention of a huge slice of Pineapple being slapped on top of the chicken below the tomatoes and onions, however when the meal arrived, low and behold it was there. I dislike surprises in my food, especially large ones that should have been listed. However, yes I removed it and the Jerk Chicken Burger was nice from that point onwards.

On the whole the restaurant was ok, will i go back? Probably – but I'll not go out my way.

PS. I miss Portofino :-(


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