March 20, 2011

Hemingways, Cayman Islands

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We'd planned to try Ragazzi tonight for dinner, but upon arrival we discovered the place was packed, so after waiting to be seated for 5 minutes with all the waiters ignoring us we left. Don't think I'll be heading back there this side of ever!

Taking a swift right after leaving Ragazzi we walked to Hemingways at The Grand Cayman Beach Suites instead.

I think the last time I was in Hemingways was 2009 for a surprise birthday party.

As seems to be standard for this Sunday night the restaurant was busy so we had to sit inside.

The restaurant has a very open and elegant feel about it with heavy wooden tables and chairs. The menu (also heavy, though not as bad as Ortanique) has two pages – one for starters, and one for main. The starters and main have the usual selection of seafood i.e. Conch, Mahi Mahi & Lobster. As I haven't spotted Duck as a starter anywhere else in Cayman I went for this option. As expected a HUGE white plate appeared with four of the smallest duck slices you could ever imagine. Why is it expensive restaurants insist on using these humongous white plates for portions that could fit on a plate for a tea cup? Anyway, it was nice – $11 nice? maybe one a year. For the main I chose the Kalamata crusted chicken with mashed potatoes, which arrived on an even bigger white plate. Fortunately the chicken, its sauce and the potatoes were delicious, certainly one of the best meals I've had this year.

We finished the meal off with perhaps the best sticky toffee pudding I've had ever in cayman – yes that's a tall order, but probably true. Again a Huge white bowl with a small portion for $9, but well worth it. In fact let me update my best desserts in cayman page!

Good: Kalamata crusted chicken. Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Cost for two: $85

Hemingways Contact Details:
Grand Cayman Beach Suites.
Seven Mile Beach.

Tel: 945-5700

March 19, 2011

Guy Harveys, Cayman Islands

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I've been to Guy Harvey's restaurant at the waterfront of George Town twice before, once when the family were visiting last November and  once during the summer of 2010 – both of which were nice experiences.

So on this Saturday afternoon were were driving into George Town deciding where to go – passed Hard Rock, nope was there the night before; passed Breezes, nah; Margaritaville? are you seroius? and decided to head back to Guy Harvey's.

Thankfully 2pm is a quiet time and there were only a few patrons in the restaurant. We sat indoors at it was a bit windy out on the balcony.

For starters there's always a nice selection, but today's special was Tomato with basil, which was certainly homemade and not simply warmed-up from a can like some other restaurants in Cayman might do.

I keep meaning to try the steak in Guy Harvey's as everyone tells me the price to taste and portion ration is one of the best in Cayman i.e. lower price, large steak, great taste. However I spotted a Gyro sandwich on the menu, and as I keep forgetting to order this in Treats as opposed to my favourite Grouper Sandwich, I decided to give it a shot in Guy Harveys. When it arrived it wasn't quite as large as I'd been hoping for, but I guess I'm more use to the European version of the Doner Kebab, anyway it was still great and certainly brought back some old memories lol.

Good: Gyro Sandwich
Bad: Nothing

Contact Details:

Guy Harvey's
George Town,
Water Front
55 S. South Street,
Grand Cayman

Phone 946-9000

March 15, 2011

Ortanique, Cayman Islands

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I finally made it to the newest restaurant in Cayman tonight for dinner – yes this would be Ortanique at Camana Bay.

It's always a pleasure for me heading to this part of Camana Bay as a I pass my favourite ice cream shop, Haagen Dazs, then my favourite Deli Black Trumpet, then pass by the always quiet Michaels.

The seating outside of Ortanique was fairly busy so we chose an inside table.

The menu must be the heaviest one on the island and it only has 6 pages; oh it also has a "light" just in case its too dark and you're too drunk to read it.

For such a lovely establishment with a heavy menu I actually had difficulty choosing something to order. The names of everything were a mouthful never mind their descriptions; candied pecan crusted goat cheese salad, truffled short rib crepe, roasted local spiced pumpkin raviolis – hello? For the first since arriving in Cayman I actually skipped the starter, as nothing sounded appealing and the prices seemed very "Camana Bay".

In such situations I always find a good juicy steak to fall back on, however at $42 for an 8oz steak, even if it's from Angus, I find to be a bit too high – I'm sure that's the price at Seven or Copperfalls. So I opted for a West Indian Cornish Game Hen and had the impression that a HUGE white plate with a small strip of "chicken" and scoop of rice would appear. Ahh, but alas I was wrong this time, this isn't Agua, sure a bigish plate appeared but with dare I say half a hen lying in the middle of it with Jamaican rice surrounding it. Actually quantity wise is was the same amount of chicken as Chicken Chicken! provide for their Lunch portion, and double the rice portion. However this hen, be it from Cornwall or West Bay, was indeed delicious! I actually devoured the entire half chicken – oops hen.

After that lovely meal I was stuffed, but the sight of a dessert menu just gets me going again! So we stupidly went for the bread pudding, which was a bit of a let down when compared to elsewhere – think Gateway of India. Yes I know, strange, but so far Gateway of India, my favourite Indian in the whole of Cayman makes the best bread pudding.

Total bill for two $84 – including compulsory 15% tip.

Will I be back? yeah, next year.

Ortanique Contact Details:

The Crescent,
Camana Bay,
Grand Cayman,
Cayman Islands,

Tel: 640-7710

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March 12, 2011

Schooner’s Bar and Grill at The Turtle Farm, Cayman Islands

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One of the highlights of visiting the Tutle Farm for me was always relaxing in Schooner's whilst devouring one of their great wraps or burgers.

Sure I'd tour around the turtle "pens" watching the baby ones zooming from one side to the other or the larger turtles trying to spash you when you got too near; I'd walk around the lagoons which are always lacking in actual people; i'd watch the sharks in the pool, but I always enjoyed relaxing in Schooner's whilst watching the Iguanas and Pheasants on the small island.

So what's happened?

A few years back Cayman Turtle farm went through a disastrous rebranding when they moved from their old location to their new location on the other side of the road. The turtle farm turned into "Boatswain Beach" ? Now the number of negatives in going from this well known brand to something nobody appears to actually know how to pronounce would take more than this one blog to list, however I shan't focus on the negatives here, and instead say that sense has prevailed and "The Turtle Farm" has returned.

Actually I might have spoken too soon about sense prevailing :-o The old menu at Schooner's has been replaced by something three times its size and the prices have risen by around 30%. My favourite mahi mahi wrap is now $11.95, which makes it more expensive than any other restaurant serving this "wrap" on the island – Legendz is around $9. But worst is yet to come, the Turtle Farm is now serving "turtle" burgers and fillets on its menu :-o There's nothing like touring the farm, watching the little critters, lifting them, hearing about their conservation then going to the bar to to have a pint of beer with a Ninja Turtle Burger. Okay, it's not actually called a Ninja Turtle Burger, but surely the idea of serving turtle in the bar in the middle of the turtle farm is just wrong?

I'll visit the Turtle farm again soon, but I'll be skipping Schooner's Bar & Grill!

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