May 21, 2011

Paradise Restaurant Cayman Islands

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The Paradise Restaurant or Bar & Grill has always seemed like a Tourist Trap to me. Everytime I drive by it there's always kids bouncing on that huge dingy thing in the water, tourists lying on the beach chairs on a very fake beach, and people queuing out of the door whilst waiting for a seat. When the tourists leave the lights go off and there's one solitary man sitting watching the traffic go by.

So why tonight did I decide to break my "not a chance in Hell" of actually going there rule? Well I guess everyone deserves a chance.

The parking for the restaurant is terrible i.e.there's none – the two spots at the front seem to be reserved for the owner and chef.

We sat at a table next to the ocean so that we could watch the cruise seems travel steadily over the horizon whilst waiting for the meal. Oh, but the actual menu has a nice selection of salads, seafoods and pastas. From this extensive list I chose the "Caymanian styled" grouper – this could mean that it would take ages to arrive or it could refer the sauce the grouper would be fried in – funnily enough the meal took 30 minutes to arrive and also had a lovely sauce. The Grouper was accompanied with brown rice and beans, carrots, broccoli and asparagus – all in all it was delicious – I might venture to say that it was the best seafood I've ever tried in The Cayman Islands.

Total cost was CI$44 for Grouper, Lasagne and 3 diet cokes.

So will I try Paradise again? sure thing – once all the tourists have left and the place is quiet i.e. 4.30pm.

Contact Details:
Paradise Restaurant

96 South Church St
Grand Cayman

Tel: 945-1444

May 16, 2011

The Wreck Bar, Rum Point, Cayman Islands

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Rum Point beach is my favourite spot on the entire island, the beach is beautiful, the water as blue as anywhere in the Caribbean, but the prices the Wreck Bar charges for food and drinks are extortionate! We travelled there today and the cost of a Mango Smoothie is now CI$6.25 - it was CI$4.50 back in September 2010 – yes I know this is sad that I'd remember such a thing. To put this into perspective a bottle of my favourite Hoegaarden beer from the Triple Crown costs CI$4, which is imported all the way from Belgium.

So as of today I've started to boycot any food or drink from The Wreck Bar. This puts me into a bit of a predicament as KaiBo has terrible food, worst fries on the Island in fact, Rum Point is trying to rip me off, Over the Edge – have you tried their BLT? This leaves me with Drift Wood which I've never tried – actually I'll just drive to Morritts!

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