October 25, 2011

Breakfast at Britannia Restaurant Grand Cayman

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It's been about a year since we last had breakfast in Britannia restaurant – at that time I couldn't stop telling everyone about the delicious waffles that I'd found! After travelling by the hotel twice daily for years i'd finally found the best place in The Cayman Islands for waffles.

So for some reason we kept passing Britannia with the memories of that tasty waffle when we decided a few days ago to actually return and fingers crossed devour a few more.

We arrived a the perfect time of 10.30am as the place was dead – not a soul in sight – just the way I like it i.e. quiet. With not a cloud in the Sky, and Iguanas nibbling the shrubbery the scene was set for what I'd hoped was a perfect breakfast.

The menu's changed and there's no longer a waffle in sight :-(

I then went for the backup option of pancakes – 15 minutes later five perfectly shaped little pancakes stacked high and surrounded with a small selection of fresh fruits arrived – it certainly looked enticing. However with that first bite I knew that the chef had used a prepackaged pancake mix :-( Now I know pancake mix is acceptable if you're prepared for it, and have been warned in advance, but why would a restaurant that's charging me CI$10 for this not actually attempt to create the pancake from the rather simple ingredients instead of completely destroying my taste buds? If you're going to use prepacked pancake mix then the cost should be about CI$4.

Will i be back? Very unlikely!

Total cost for 2: CI$28

Contact details for Britannia:

Britannia Golf Course,
West Bay Road,
Grand Cayman,
Cayman Islands

Phone: 745 4655

Web: http://britannia-golf.com

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