November 30, 2011

Grand Old House

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Once a year we visit the Grand Old House for our wedding anniversary celebration – sure we pass it most weeks when heading to birthday parties or taking the scenic route to the East End, but generally don't go in as it's not the most affordable restaurant on the island.

So tonight was the once a year trip and how fortunate we were to have an early company Christmas party on the sea side of the balcony and another huge party inside the actual building.

For starters the special tonight was Beef Ravioli which anyone who has lived on the island long enough would know is served nowhere else in Cayman. I guess i was expecting proper ravioli but I should have been suspicious at the description of "Open Beef Ravioli" – basically it was tasty minced beef placed between two large open layers of Lasagna pasta.

From experience I know that the Grand Old House makes the best Steak in all of Grand Cayman, so given the options tonight I ordered the usual 12 Oz Steak with pepper corn sauce and an extra side of fries. My words simply can explain how scrumptious this steak is, sure it's expensive, but hey we do it once a year.

Dessert was a tough choice between Sticky Toffee Pudding and a Banana Bread Pudding – the latter won. Actually that reminds me I need to learn how to make bread puddings!

Will I be back? In exactly one year I suspect.

Total Cost: CI$126 for 2.

Contact details for Grand Old House Cayman

648 South Church Street,
George Town,
Grand Cayman,
Cayman Islands

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