January 21, 2012

Lunch at Breezes Cayman Islands

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After doing a little bit of shopping at the waterfront I thought I'd try Breezes for lunch as opposed to Hard Rock for once. Normally I avoid George Town if there's more than 1 cruise ship in as the traffic and tourists can make the town hectic. Fortunately today was my lucky day with not a ship in sight and Breezes was open.

I'd normally try their Jamaican Jerk Chicken burger but on this occasion and to continue my "best burger in cayman" quest I opted for Breezes Big Burger. As i'd not been to Breezes in a while I keep forgetting that instead of providng fries with their burgers they give you crisps – crazy but they simply never change! So I forgot to order the fries and was stuck with a bag of crisps without the bag.

As for the burger I've never tasted a burger in Cayman that didn't actually taste of anything. I munched into this "Big Burger" which looked nice but it didn't leave me with any lingering beef or sauce taste – rather strange I think. Now I have to decide whether Breezes burger replaces Kai Bo's as the worst in cayman – probably not – just!

Cost: CI$13

Contact details for Breezes:

George Town
Grand Cayman
Cayman Islands

Phone: 943 8439

Web: http://breezesbythebay.com

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