September 25, 2010

Prime, Cayman Islands

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I remember venturing to Prime when it first opened, the shear fantasy of those 26 cuts of meat and the size of the "appetisers or starter bar" just made the high price tag worth the visit. I distinctly remember saying that when I die I want St Peter to let me pass beyond the pearly gates and into a Heaven which looked exactly like this restaurant! So over the years the restaurant has got quieter as the initial excitement people have for a great new restaurant passes and it either forms part of their weekly, monthly or special occasion habit. For me Prime fell into the latter category as it's too expensive for a weekly trip, and once you've worked your way through all the meat it gets boring going there on a monthly basis. On this occasion the cuts of meat have been reduced to 16 – now bare in mind this was a Saturday night, and the quality of the waitress staff seems to have gone South. Actually I should clarify that when I say "South" I mean it's deteriorated, I'm not implying that the restaurant is using South American staff as opposed to Caymanian or any other race.

So what's happened to the waitress staff? Well the girl that met us at the front door was Drunk, did i smell the alcohol on her breath? nope, was she staggering and using the walls on the way to our table for support? yes. Admittedly she could have had some sort of alergic reaction and or medical condition that was affecting her, but there's always more to the story. On this occasion I fancied passing an extra 6 gold coins across the palm of the manger by ordering sparkling Perrier water as opposed to the tap water. Now usually, and please feel free to call me old fashioned, I'd expect the waitress to actually target the glass with water as it's flowing out from the bottle which is about 20cm above. Can you guess what happened? more water ended-up on the table than in either of our glasses – "hold on and I'll clean that for you" – at which point she vanishes. So I ended-up cleaning what appeared to be a end result of a broken water pipe. As ever the appetizers buffet was great, although I have noticed that the mozzarella cheese which accompanies the tomatoes seems to have been removed. My favorite slice of meat is the chicken wrapped in bacon – yum, yum. But that's not the end of the drunk waitress – apart from the people at the other table she's looking after giving her quizzical glances when staggering around she performed the Cardinal Sin of topping up a half-full glass of sparkling water with tap water :-o For those of you that aren't really sparkling water fans let me apologize for being anal about this. On the plus side the drunk waitress did realise what she'd done and apologized and "rushed away" to get another bottle. So 20 minutes later with the glass this time half-full of tap and perrier water she then proceeded to pour more perrier into it from the new bottle. Classically she ended that with the question "That's right, yeah?". Yeah that's right I replied. Normally I'd half a deep friend ice cream for dessert but on this occasion I skipped it out of fear of what could happen :-o Prime was my #2 restaurant before this outting – Thai orchid is #1, so i think I'll need to shuffle the rankings a bit due to the experience. My favourite restaurants:

  1. Thai orchid
  2. Lonestar
  3. Changs
  4. Hard Rock
  5. Prime

Contact Details:
Governors Square
West Bay Road

Tel : 623-7272


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