October 4, 2010

Pizza Hut, Cayman Islands

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Firstly let me lay my cards on the table and say that I'm the biggest fan of Dominos Pizza  – nobody else in Cayman has eaten as much great pizza from Dominos as I have over the years! I've only fallen off the wagon three times:

  1. When some friends appeared with a Papa Johns after confusing my "request"
  2. When I was forced to consume a Gino's due to sheer hunger and not a sign of any other edible food in sight
  3. When first on the Island I sampled Pizza Hut assuming it would be "just like" that of back home

The Papa Johns was far from exciting; the Gino's was swimming in grease, and the Pizza Hut went right through me in 20 minutes. My second attempt with Pizza Hut was about two years after that memorable first, and again ended with the same "outcome" as before. So why exactly did I decide tonight to go for Gold with a third strike at Pizza Hut? well i guess it's laziness as I was passing by it at the moment of making the decision :-o So we went for a large BBQ Chicken pizza with 10 chicken wings for starters and a 2 liter Diet Pepsi – total cost $31. The chicken wings come covered in sauce unlike Domino's where you can choose to have the sauce on the side, but the actual BBQ Chicken pizza was okay – not very spicy or tangy, but the sauce was lovely. But more importantly for me the Pizza actually stayed where it was meant to this time! So how do I rate this pizza supplier:

  1. Dominos (no question it's the best)
  2. Pizza Hut
  3. Papa John's
  4. Gino's ( a greasy last)

What about the chicken wings?

  1. Dominos
  2. Lonestar
  3. Hard Rock
  4. Legendz
  5. Pizza Hut

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