March 19, 2011

Guy Harveys, Cayman Islands

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I've been to Guy Harvey's restaurant at the waterfront of George Town twice before, once when the family were visiting last November and  once during the summer of 2010 – both of which were nice experiences.

So on this Saturday afternoon were were driving into George Town deciding where to go – passed Hard Rock, nope was there the night before; passed Breezes, nah; Margaritaville? are you seroius? and decided to head back to Guy Harvey's.

Thankfully 2pm is a quiet time and there were only a few patrons in the restaurant. We sat indoors at it was a bit windy out on the balcony.

For starters there's always a nice selection, but today's special was Tomato with basil, which was certainly homemade and not simply warmed-up from a can like some other restaurants in Cayman might do.

I keep meaning to try the steak in Guy Harvey's as everyone tells me the price to taste and portion ration is one of the best in Cayman i.e. lower price, large steak, great taste. However I spotted a Gyro sandwich on the menu, and as I keep forgetting to order this in Treats as opposed to my favourite Grouper Sandwich, I decided to give it a shot in Guy Harveys. When it arrived it wasn't quite as large as I'd been hoping for, but I guess I'm more use to the European version of the Doner Kebab, anyway it was still great and certainly brought back some old memories lol.

Good: Gyro Sandwich
Bad: Nothing

Contact Details:

Guy Harvey's
George Town,
Water Front
55 S. South Street,
Grand Cayman

Phone 946-9000

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