October 9, 2010

Lunch at Full of Beans, Cayman Islands

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Given the number of years I’ve lived on this Island and the number of restaurant doors I’ve walked through I can now confirm that I’ve visited Full of Beans for the first time. Why hadn’t I stumbled across this abode before you may well ask? well, my honest answer would be I had no idea where it was.

It wasn’t on Seven Mile Beach where I drive up and down several times a day passing my favourite place Thai Orchid, it wasn’t at the waterfront where I can watch the sunset whilst having a Sinful Chocolate Brownie at Hard Rock and it definately wasn’t one of the four restaurants East of Bodden Town.

It turns out that Full of Beans is located in that famous restaurant hub of Pasadora Place! Slight smell of sarcasm there, however I only stumbled across the establishment when visiting Super Stitch which is right next door.

From the outside Full of Beans seems much larger than it actually is on the inside.

As for the actual food the menu has a great selection of salads which I’ll attempt to work my way through over the coming months. So for the lunch today I went for a BLT, which turned-out to be better than i’d hoped for, well apart from the side salad with a few slices of beetroot, whose sauce proceeded to turn the salad and the bottom half of my BLT purple. For dessert we ordered what looked like a slice of cheesecake but which turned-out to actually be a slice of keylime pie – admittedly the waitress did warn me that she’d got it wrong, but as ever I said surely there’s not too much lime in this key lime pie slice? As before, I’m always wrong on this count!

So as for the BLT, was it good, yes, is it better than any other BLT on island? well off the top of my head i can’t think of anywhere else that offers BLT’s – Over The Edge has a Chicken Club sandwich which uses the cheapest cheese it’s possible to buy, and hence I avoid; Tiki Beach has a much better Chicken Club sandwich. So unless my memory improves I’ll say Full of Beans has Cayman’s #1 BLT.

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