September 18, 2010

Over The Edge in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

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My last trip to this restaurant was a rather unpleasant affair primarily due to a grumpy French woman who took our order then promptly sat down at the bar and chatted to some friends – yes she forgot all about our food and drink. I'm pleased to report that on this latest visit there was no sign of her. As we'd normally stop at Over The Edge for lunch on the way to Rum Point I'd usually just order the BLT, but on this occasion we were there for a birthday lunch, so went for the conch fritters which we're tasty, but not as good as that of Portofino's which are simply the most delicious on the island. Although the waiter tempted me with some Cajun Chicken or a Steak covered with bacon (strange), I went for the Jamaican treat of Codfish with Ackee – this was a first, but thankfully it was also GREAT! Cimboco have a similar dish but I don't think it was quite as good at Over The Edges version. For the dessert I stupidly went for a slice of their chocolate cheesecake which I'd assumed would be "homemade" however upon arrival and tasting it, this was clearly a slice from a "pre-made" cake I last saw in the freezer at Cost-U-Less. This isn't a criticism of Cost-U-Less as one of my close friends works there! On the whole a nice experience, although I shall remember to avoid the cheesecake next time!

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Over the Edge

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