September 19, 2010

Tiki Beach, Cayman Islands

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The best beach in Grand Cayman without a doubt is Rum Point, but living in West Bay means that it takes nearly an hour to actually get there by car. So for once instead of driving by Tiki Beach as I do twice every day heading to and from work I figured I might as well try the beach there! I think heading there when there are no tourists is best as it always seems busy when they're about, how fortunate I am that this is Sunday :-)

So the problem with getting to the beach is that you have to actually go through the restaurant/bar which kinda made me feel guilty, so after depositing the beach towel on the chair (no I'm not German!) we headed back to the bar where the 14 industrial strength fans were keeping the area cool whilst the 1 waiter and 1 waitress looked after the 8 patrons. I'd tried the Chicken Club sandwich on my only other trip here, so being the adventurous type had my mind open to other dishes available.

Unfortunately the menu, for such a stunning looking establishment with a great beach, is rather limited – I think there are more pages devoted to the history and activities available than to the actual food from the kitchen. Anyway I opted for the Jerk Roasted Pork on this occasion, which reminded me of travelling to the Philippines and experiencing Lechon (Roast Pork).

Now don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with Lechon! When I order Lechon I know what to expect and can munch it down with some rice and mango juice followed by some Cassava cake from Goldilocks, however being presented with Lechon in a bun wasn't exactly what I was expecting. Sure it wasn't bad; it just wasn't the best Pork on a bun in Cayman.

If I had to vote for the best swine on a bun then it would be Hard Rock, followed by Treats then Tiki Bar. Alas, the high point for this particular Sunday lunch was the Banana cake with ice cream, which proved to be delicious. Actually there was an option to have the Banana cake with custard but we chose the ice cream instead – I need to remember that for next time. As  for Tiki beach it's fantastic, as it's nice and quiet and we found a cool spot in the shade for me to read a book!

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