April 5, 2010

Quiznos Cayman Islands

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One of my favourite places in the whole of The Cayman Islands for lunch is Quiznos. It's affordable, quick and great tasting – what more could we want in life (for lunch anyway) ?

When I first arrived on this paradise of an Island I stuck to my Roadhouse salad, but that was withdrawn sometime last year for unknown reasons. I then moved onto the Classic Italian's on wheat bread then when the Baja Chicken was launched that was my #1 pick.

So now Quiznos have new "salads" – Chilli & Chicken Taco!

Today I thought I'd try the Chilli Taco Salad:-) This is basically a lettuce base with two scoops of delicious chilli placed on top along with a few scoops of guacamole and salsa then this is showered with some cheese – masarap po!

I also tried their chicken noodle soup bowls for the first time – yum yum – I'll certainly be adding that to my usual lunchtime treats.

Subway is just so far behind Quiznos in every way possible it's just shocking!

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