January 2, 2011

Tukka Restaurant Cayman Islands – Lunch

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We were heading to Rum Point today, like most of the island apparently, and decided to try the new restaurant that has replaced Portofino. I couldn't remember it's name but several signs along the road towards the East End kept mentioning "Tukka", which was indeed the name for the new place.

It was only upon arrival we realized they were offering a CI$40 + tips Sunday brunch, which I felt was a bit steep for somewhere on the other side of the Island from Seven Mile Beach establishments. Anyway we asked about ordering from the menu as opposed to going for the brunch and the Chef/Waiter said that was ok.

The actual layout of Tukka is exactly the same as the old Portofino but the new colour scheme seems to be a strange shade of "Orange", and I mean this colour is plastered everywhere.

The menu is a bit smaller than I'd expected, and for this first visit we went for a conch and crocodile fritters – yes you did read that properly, I did say crocodile. Portofino made one of the best conch fritters on the Islands, so my hopes were high for this Conch/Crocodile combination, however the portion size vs cost seems to be off i.e. it's too expensive for those four fritters. The actual fritter itself was rather dry and more solid than say The Lighhouse.

For the main I selected the jerk Chicken Burger with fries – now there was no mention of a huge slice of Pineapple being slapped on top of the chicken below the tomatoes and onions, however when the meal arrived, low and behold it was there. I dislike surprises in my food, especially large ones that should have been listed. However, yes I removed it and the Jerk Chicken Burger was nice from that point onwards.

On the whole the restaurant was ok, will i go back? Probably – but I'll not go out my way.

PS. I miss Portofino :-(


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