August 10, 2011

Neptune Restaurant Cayman Islands

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As I live in West Bay and work in George Town I drive by my favourite Italian Restaurant twice daily, so it's always reminding me to pop in and try the best Lasagna in The Cayman Islands.

I guess it's the slow season as when we walked to the restaurant tonight even the outside bar was empty, and when entering the actual restaurant there was only one table occupied with two people.

I'm very familiar, as would be expected, with the entire menu, so didn't need much time to look through it :-)

For starters tonight the Insalata Caprese was my choice – three large tomato slices each with a whopping cut of buffalo mozzarella ontop, and covered in a thick Basil dressing – this must be the best Caprese Salad in all of The Cayman Islands I think?

For the main I went for the Lasagna as I always seem to do these last several visits – is it the best in The Cayman Islands? YES, I've tried them everywhere here and Neptune is #1, no argument!

As an aside the bread they bring to the table before the starter is delicious – mix this with the balsamic vinegar and olive oil and you'll think you're in Italy again.

Total cost for two CI$62.

Will I be back? Si!

Neptune Restaurant Cayman Islands Contact Details:

Trafalgar Sq West Bay Rd
Grand Cayman

Tel: 946-8709

June 24, 2011

Seven Restaurant at The Ritz, Cayman Islands

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Twice a year we travel to Seven Restaurant at The Ritz Hotel for an expensive celebration. I say expensive as we've never left there with a bill less than CI$200, and we don't even try the wine!

So we headed to Seven tonight and had a lovely seat overlooking the pool which looks exotic with the underwater lights at night.

The menu as ever was heavy due to the leather binding but also the prices inside. Any time there's a waiter and an assistant waiter I just see the "ka-chings" going off in their eyes.

Have you ever seen a CI$65 steak? nope, well check the menu in this restaurant and you'll spot several varieties with the cheapest at CI$50.

So on this night I opted for the French Onion Soup which is not just the best in the Cayman, but I suspect the world – well apart from my mums.  One HUGE bowl of delicious soup was the start of my great evening.

We were lucky tonight as there was a "Sunday Special" of Prime Beef with Yorkshire Pudding, so two orders of these were placed along with some French Fries and "wild" mushrooms.

Imagine a juicy medium 16 Oz steak three centimeters thick, well that's what arrived on my plate 15 minutes later – that plus some greens and a medium sized Yorkshire pudding. There is simply no better tasting steak in Grand Cayman that this one!

The French Fries were strangely reminiscent of Legendz - perhaps the chefs are playing musical chairs again. Oh I consider Legendz to have the best fries on Island, just to clarify.

So how to top such a lovely meal? well of course – dessert ! Garcon.

Dessert menu arrives and what jumps straight out of the page? Chocolate Lava Cake – yum yum, massarap, aroy – so good I learned to bake it myself about a year ago!

Total Bill: CI$190

Contact Details:
Seven Prime Cuts & Sunsets,
The Ritz Hotel,
West Bay Road.


June 13, 2011

Triple Crown Cayman Islands

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The Triple Crown in the Cayman Islands is my favourite pub as they sell my #1 beer – Hoegaarden! Yes it's one of the most expensive beers on the island, but hey nothing is cheap here is it?

The Triple Crown is stuffed to the brim with expats on a Friday night consuming more alcohol than the pubs plumbing can cope with, it has football fans pouring out of its doors after a big game, but alas it also has one of The cayman Islands best burgers – am I serious? YES!

A few weeks back I was attending my good friends stag party and at some point the topic of food arose. Now there's only two options 1) Al La Kebab 2) Eat in pub – the latter seemed the less energy straining. I recall eating what I considered to be one of the best burgers I've ever had in Cayman on that particular night, but of course the Hoegaarden coursing through my veins could have played some part in my overly fond memory of the meal?

Roll forward to tonight and the decision to actually head to a pub for dinner :-o But I had to know whether my memory of that burger was "enhanced" by my alcoholic consumption or whether I'd truly found a hidden gem! So we headed to Triple Crown, looked through a few pages of plastic encased menu with a single ring bounding, and spotted "The Classic" Burger for CI$8.99.  Ordered!

15 minutes later a huge juicy burger with slices of tomato, onions and a large helping of "steak" i.e. large and thickly cut fries arrived. First bite :-D YES, this is what i remember – one of the best steaks on island! Don't believe me? Then go try it on a school night when its quiet.

Actually who has the "Best Burger" in The Cayman Islands? In my views it's:

  1. Legendz – Bacon Cheese Burger – Yes scarf boy, they are #1!
  2. Triple Crown – Classic Burger
  3. Hard Rock – 6oz Classic burger
  4. Sunset House – Burger

And I also know who makes the worst burger here – Kai Bo Bar i.e. downstairs.

Contact Details:
Triple Crown
West Bay Road (Across from the Marriott)

Tel: 943-7821


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June 9, 2011

La Dolce Vita Restaurant Cayman Islands

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I'm in two minds about La Dolce Vita Restaurant here in Grand Cayman. On the one hand i think it's simply the best Italian restaurant here in the Cayman Islands, and on the other hand I just can't handle the staff!

For the last three weeks we've driven to La Dolce Vita to be welcomed by closed doors and those outside white drapes/curtains that love to fly with the wind over the balcony – however on this beautiful Thursday evening the restaurant was actually open :-o

I so love restaurants that ask whether you have a reservation when there's only one table occupied with 4 people in the whole place. So where were we seated? you guessed -  the small two seater table next to the toilet.

Now on the plus side the food is delicious.

There's lovely large slices of "homemade bread" offered in a small basket as you're waiting for your starter and the huge bottles of Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar just tempt you to try them.

We had mozzarella, Tomato and Basil salad to start which like most places in Cayman means one tomato (sliced), one buffalo mozzarella "ball" (sliced) and a sprinkling of basil leaves on a HUGE white plate.

For the main I opted for their salami/pepperoni pizza which I consider to be the best "sit-in" pizza on the island – Domino's is the best "take-away". I can tell a homemade/restaurant made pizza by the time it takes to arrive – if Mr frozen pizza was merely thrown into an oven it would have taken less time. Now I'm not saying the pizza took and hour – it took around 20 minutes – and was mouth wateringly tasty ! The whole reason I kept coming back to La Dolce Vita these last weeks was to devour one of these bad boys!

For dessert tonight I was lucky enough to find profiteroles on their "special" menu. Four large Choux Pastry balls stuffed with cream – now that's how to end the night!

Total cost for 2 was CI$52 ( 2 starters, 1 main, 1 dessert & 3 diet cokes)

So what's up with the staff then? Maybe asking "do you have a reservation" when there's an empty restaurant just rubs me up the wrong way; maybe taking 5 minutes to bring a diet coke from the bar when there's one other table occupied tries my patience or maybe it's ignoring me a few times… anyway.

So will I be back? Yes – purely for the lovely pizza. Will I have a reservation next time? no!

Contact Details:
La Dolce Vita Restaurant
147 North Church St
George Town
Grand Cayman



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May 21, 2011

Paradise Restaurant Cayman Islands

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The Paradise Restaurant or Bar & Grill has always seemed like a Tourist Trap to me. Everytime I drive by it there's always kids bouncing on that huge dingy thing in the water, tourists lying on the beach chairs on a very fake beach, and people queuing out of the door whilst waiting for a seat. When the tourists leave the lights go off and there's one solitary man sitting watching the traffic go by.

So why tonight did I decide to break my "not a chance in Hell" of actually going there rule? Well I guess everyone deserves a chance.

The parking for the restaurant is terrible i.e.there's none – the two spots at the front seem to be reserved for the owner and chef.

We sat at a table next to the ocean so that we could watch the cruise seems travel steadily over the horizon whilst waiting for the meal. Oh, but the actual menu has a nice selection of salads, seafoods and pastas. From this extensive list I chose the "Caymanian styled" grouper – this could mean that it would take ages to arrive or it could refer the sauce the grouper would be fried in – funnily enough the meal took 30 minutes to arrive and also had a lovely sauce. The Grouper was accompanied with brown rice and beans, carrots, broccoli and asparagus – all in all it was delicious – I might venture to say that it was the best seafood I've ever tried in The Cayman Islands.

Total cost was CI$44 for Grouper, Lasagne and 3 diet cokes.

So will I try Paradise again? sure thing – once all the tourists have left and the place is quiet i.e. 4.30pm.

Contact Details:
Paradise Restaurant

96 South Church St
Grand Cayman

Tel: 945-1444

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