October 30, 2010

Best Dessert in The Cayman Islands?

Instead of heading to my usual favourite Friday night restaurant of Hard Rock for the sinful brownie, I'd spotted an advert claiming that Chang's has a 50% off Starters night – so needless to say I had to give this a shot.

I confirmed the "50% off offer" upon entering the restaurant, as I've been fooled into believing restaurants had special offers on only to discover they had odd conditions:

  • You're sitting in the wrong part of the restaurant for that
  • That's only available between 4pm & 6pm – it's 6.05pm
  • You ordered the large portion instead of the normal portion
  • etc

Anyway, true enough this was indeed the 50% off night.

So for "starters" we had the spicy chicken skewers which came with a lovely tamarind sauce; The steamed (read healthy) pork dumplings whith a strong dose of mirin sauce, and the famous Changs Spare Ribs.

I've talked previously about Changs Spare Ribs being the best on the island, and indeed nothing has changed there – these baby's are huge and the meat just hangs off them. Other restaurants seem to offer large bones with thin strips of meat, but changes does the opposite – thin bones with chunks of meat:-)

Oddly enough this didn't fill us up so we asked about the "desserts" – of the three offerings the "chocolate mousse" cake sounded the most appealing.

5 minutes later one of the waiters walked up to our table with a HUGE 7 later chocolate mousse cake slice. Now when I say HUGE i mean this thing was 7 inches tall and about 5 inches wide :-o never have I actually seen such a large slice of cake in front of me. If you've seen the programme "Man Versus Food" on the Travel Channel then this is the kind of thing Adam would endeavour to record an epsiode about.

The actual slice was the best dessert I've ever tried in the Cayman Islands, yes it's better than a sinful brownie from Hard Rock, a Chocolate Brownie from LoneStar or a Caramel Cheesecake slice from Treats :-o It was a pure chocolate overdose which the two of us couldn't actually finish.

After stopping we wondered how much it actually cost – $9.50 was the answer, which might seem expensive, but it's about double or triple the size of your standard dessert anywhere else on island.

Total cost of meal? $31

My middle name is "Chang" now!

August 20, 2010

Dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, Cayman Islands

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I think I'm going through a phase where my weekend officially starts when I'm sitting in Hard Rock and my "Sinful Chocolate Brownie" arrives in front of me. I've sampled plenty of desserts in The Cayman Islands and for the last few weeks, or maybe I guess months now, this has been by #1 choice! The simplicity of a chocolate brownie with a few scoops of Haagan Dasz Ice cream topped with fresh whipped cream just seems to hit my taste buds in the right way. Sure the Hard Rock is known for its memorabilia, the hanging car, the  jogging manager with a scarf, the "Famous Burger", but for me the main reason to go there is for the best dessert (currently) in cayman!

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