June 13, 2011

Triple Crown Cayman Islands

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The Triple Crown in the Cayman Islands is my favourite pub as they sell my #1 beer – Hoegaarden! Yes it's one of the most expensive beers on the island, but hey nothing is cheap here is it?

The Triple Crown is stuffed to the brim with expats on a Friday night consuming more alcohol than the pubs plumbing can cope with, it has football fans pouring out of its doors after a big game, but alas it also has one of The cayman Islands best burgers – am I serious? YES!

A few weeks back I was attending my good friends stag party and at some point the topic of food arose. Now there's only two options 1) Al La Kebab 2) Eat in pub – the latter seemed the less energy straining. I recall eating what I considered to be one of the best burgers I've ever had in Cayman on that particular night, but of course the Hoegaarden coursing through my veins could have played some part in my overly fond memory of the meal?

Roll forward to tonight and the decision to actually head to a pub for dinner :-o But I had to know whether my memory of that burger was "enhanced" by my alcoholic consumption or whether I'd truly found a hidden gem! So we headed to Triple Crown, looked through a few pages of plastic encased menu with a single ring bounding, and spotted "The Classic" Burger for CI$8.99.  Ordered!

15 minutes later a huge juicy burger with slices of tomato, onions and a large helping of "steak" i.e. large and thickly cut fries arrived. First bite :-D YES, this is what i remember – one of the best steaks on island! Don't believe me? Then go try it on a school night when its quiet.

Actually who has the "Best Burger" in The Cayman Islands? In my views it's:

  1. Legendz – Bacon Cheese Burger – Yes scarf boy, they are #1!
  2. Triple Crown – Classic Burger
  3. Hard Rock – 6oz Classic burger
  4. Sunset House – Burger

And I also know who makes the worst burger here – Kai Bo Bar i.e. downstairs.

Contact Details:
Triple Crown
West Bay Road (Across from the Marriott)

Tel: 943-7821


May 16, 2011

The Wreck Bar, Rum Point, Cayman Islands

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Rum Point beach is my favourite spot on the entire island, the beach is beautiful, the water as blue as anywhere in the Caribbean, but the prices the Wreck Bar charges for food and drinks are extortionate! We travelled there today and the cost of a Mango Smoothie is now CI$6.25 - it was CI$4.50 back in September 2010 – yes I know this is sad that I'd remember such a thing. To put this into perspective a bottle of my favourite Hoegaarden beer from the Triple Crown costs CI$4, which is imported all the way from Belgium.

So as of today I've started to boycot any food or drink from The Wreck Bar. This puts me into a bit of a predicament as KaiBo has terrible food, worst fries on the Island in fact, Rum Point is trying to rip me off, Over the Edge – have you tried their BLT? This leaves me with Drift Wood which I've never tried – actually I'll just drive to Morritts!

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