October 18, 2010

Dinner at Popeyes in Cayman Islands

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After visiting Edie's Decor tonight I felt hungry and couldn't be bothered heading home to cook -  who's right along Eastern Avenue from where I was? Popeyes!

I've heard mixed reviews about Popeyes with most of them in the "non-favourable"  category to be polite, so for some strange reason decided that I'd better make my own mind up about the new restaurant.

The place was empty when we walked through the doors, and there doesn't actually seem to be very many staff. I had a quick review of the menu and went for a chicken sandwich combo, and chose the Cuban rice for the side. After getting the meal I realized that it didn't come with fries, so had to order a separate portion for us.

The actual bread of the chicken sandwich was very nice, but the chicken seem pretty plain. The fries reminded me of Kai Bo's which are the worst on the island – ok so I'll say Popeye's are the second worst then. The Cuban rice side was ok, just nothing to write home about.

So on the whole I think I'll stick with Colonel Sanders at KFC where everything seems much better, well apart from the bread.

August 12, 2010

Southern Spice, Cayman Islands

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I'm one of those people who love trying the latest restaurant, so when asked the question where shall we eat tonight " Let's try Southern Spice" was the obvious answer as it's the newest place "On-Island".

Located right next to KFC on West Bay Road Southern Spice certainly is in the perfect spot for passers-by to stumble across it.

From the outside it looks like a modern Indian, but upon entry things start to go astray – where's the smell on incense, the high-pitched Indian music, the smell of meat cooking and indeed the red carpets running halfway up the wall? Maybe that's my view of a traditional Indian given the number of the establishments I've frequented overs the years – so why have Southern Spice decided to follow a different path?

Okay so the place has the feel and echoing nature of a new office building, so how's the food?

Well, for starters I went with Chicken Pakora, which i must confess to being very surprised at it's inclusion on the menu as iIve not seen such an appetizer on any Indian Restaurant's menu outside of the UK. Although slightly dry and indeed a smallish portion it was certainly tasty.

For the main I tried a Chicken Masala, and of course asked for the spiciest "mother" in the house, although as ever all the Indian restaurants on the islands simply make their dishes hotter by piling chopped green chillies on top of the dish after it's cooked.

An important side dish for me in any reputable Indian Restaurant is the "Garlic Nan", which tonight was indeed the biggest one on the Island – and thankfully also tasty!

So does this mean I'll transfer my allegiance from Gateway of India to Southern Spice, nope, but having another restaurant here certainly provides another place to try. I'll try it again in a few months and see if the smell of a new office has drifted away.

Contact Details:

Southern Spice
Baytown Plaza
West Bay Road
Seven Mile Beach
Grand Cayman
Cayman Islands

Tel: 949-5550

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