June 24, 2011

Seven Restaurant at The Ritz, Cayman Islands

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Twice a year we travel to Seven Restaurant at The Ritz Hotel for an expensive celebration. I say expensive as we've never left there with a bill less than CI$200, and we don't even try the wine!

So we headed to Seven tonight and had a lovely seat overlooking the pool which looks exotic with the underwater lights at night.

The menu as ever was heavy due to the leather binding but also the prices inside. Any time there's a waiter and an assistant waiter I just see the "ka-chings" going off in their eyes.

Have you ever seen a CI$65 steak? nope, well check the menu in this restaurant and you'll spot several varieties with the cheapest at CI$50.

So on this night I opted for the French Onion Soup which is not just the best in the Cayman, but I suspect the world – well apart from my mums.  One HUGE bowl of delicious soup was the start of my great evening.

We were lucky tonight as there was a "Sunday Special" of Prime Beef with Yorkshire Pudding, so two orders of these were placed along with some French Fries and "wild" mushrooms.

Imagine a juicy medium 16 Oz steak three centimeters thick, well that's what arrived on my plate 15 minutes later – that plus some greens and a medium sized Yorkshire pudding. There is simply no better tasting steak in Grand Cayman that this one!

The French Fries were strangely reminiscent of Legendz - perhaps the chefs are playing musical chairs again. Oh I consider Legendz to have the best fries on Island, just to clarify.

So how to top such a lovely meal? well of course – dessert ! Garcon.

Dessert menu arrives and what jumps straight out of the page? Chocolate Lava Cake – yum yum, massarap, aroy – so good I learned to bake it myself about a year ago!

Total Bill: CI$190

Contact Details:
Seven Prime Cuts & Sunsets,
The Ritz Hotel,
West Bay Road.

Web: www.ritzcarlton.ky

December 10, 2010

Lighthouse Restaurant, Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman

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Every time I head to Rum Point I always pass the lovely sight of The Lighthouse Restaurant, yet for all the years I've lived here I've only been in it three times. Fortunately on every occasion the meal has been worth the price.

So tonight we travelled the whole 45 mins from West Bay to The Lighthouse Restaurant for a romantic evening for two.

As ever the restaurant was fairly full with the waiters dressed in their white seamen outfits to go along with the theme.

For starters we shared the best conch fritters on the island, though also the most expensive I've come across at CI$11 per serving. This is the same portion size as Kai Bo, but it' the difference between night and day as you'd expect for a beach bar versus a upper class Italian restaurant.

Now if I was in Neptune which I consider to be the best Italian restaurant in Grand Cayman I'd be going for the Lasagna, however the 14oZ steak at CI$30 caught me eye so I opted for this tonight. Have you every seen a steak completely fill a plate? Well I should frequent this restaurant more often as that's exactly the sight that graced my view when the Filipino waiter headed towards me with a large grin :-D There were some potatoes and Green Beans on the plate as well but they were dwarfed by the juicy-well-done steak! yum yum!

So is The Lighthouse restaurant the best Italian restaurant in cayman? I still say Neptune beats it, but The Lighthouse is certainly #2!

Best for: conch fritters!

Contact Details for the Lighthouse Restaurant:

Bodden Town RoaBreakers
Grand Cayman,
KY1 – 1602

Tel: 947 2047

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