March 20, 2011

Hemingways, Cayman Islands

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We'd planned to try Ragazzi tonight for dinner, but upon arrival we discovered the place was packed, so after waiting to be seated for 5 minutes with all the waiters ignoring us we left. Don't think I'll be heading back there this side of ever!

Taking a swift right after leaving Ragazzi we walked to Hemingways at The Grand Cayman Beach Suites instead.

I think the last time I was in Hemingways was 2009 for a surprise birthday party.

As seems to be standard for this Sunday night the restaurant was busy so we had to sit inside.

The restaurant has a very open and elegant feel about it with heavy wooden tables and chairs. The menu (also heavy, though not as bad as Ortanique) has two pages – one for starters, and one for main. The starters and main have the usual selection of seafood i.e. Conch, Mahi Mahi & Lobster. As I haven't spotted Duck as a starter anywhere else in Cayman I went for this option. As expected a HUGE white plate appeared with four of the smallest duck slices you could ever imagine. Why is it expensive restaurants insist on using these humongous white plates for portions that could fit on a plate for a tea cup? Anyway, it was nice – $11 nice? maybe one a year. For the main I chose the Kalamata crusted chicken with mashed potatoes, which arrived on an even bigger white plate. Fortunately the chicken, its sauce and the potatoes were delicious, certainly one of the best meals I've had this year.

We finished the meal off with perhaps the best sticky toffee pudding I've had ever in cayman – yes that's a tall order, but probably true. Again a Huge white bowl with a small portion for $9, but well worth it. In fact let me update my best desserts in cayman page!

Good: Kalamata crusted chicken. Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Cost for two: $85

Hemingways Contact Details:
Grand Cayman Beach Suites.
Seven Mile Beach.

Tel: 945-5700

January 20, 2011

Michael’s Genuine Restaurant Cayman Islands

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I guess I had to eventually try Michael's Genuine Restaurant one of these days.

The place always seems empty at lunch when I'm sitting "across the road" at Black Trumpet, however as soon as the night arrives Michael's Genuine Restaurant quickly fills with all the 40-60 something expats and well-off tourists.

I'd heard two bad reviews about Michael's and one positive since opening, so this was probably the reason i'd stayed away.

Twas my luck that a friend was leaving the island and had chosen the restaurant as her "leaving do" :-o .

Anyway, as it was happy hour, the menu selection offered was more akin to "finger food" for $4 for 15 olives, to $9 for the islands smallest burger. I also tried some Falafel fritter which seemed to resemble a ball of deep fried grass – will need to avoid trying that next time.

For dessert I chose the sticky toffee pudding which was again rather small, and certainly not as good as that offered by Thai orchid.

I don't normally talk about toilets as cottaging isn't my thing, however the urinal in the "boys toilet" seems to be set at the preferred height of Verne Troyer aka Mini Me – surely we can get a proper urinal in there ?

Will I go back? yeah probably – for the larger portions with luck!

PS. Why's everyone leaving the Islands for Toronto – better food, more shops, mmmm ?

November 21, 2010

Thai Orchid, Cayman Islands – Dinner

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My favourite restaurant in the Cayman Islands is Thai orchid, if every other restaurant vanished in a puff of smoke overnight I wouldn't be upset as my #1 restaurant would still be here :-)

So why do I like the place so much? Well I guess it's the spicy food, the sushi, the sticky toffee puddings, the atmosphere, the staff – everything perfectly rolled into one restaurant where I know I can go and have no doubts about the quality of the food.

So tonight after going to church we decided to head to my favourite restaurant where as ever the food was delicious. I chose the chicken satay, where the marinated chicken comes in 4 skewers with the actual satay as a side dip and is accompanied by a small sweet cucumber salad – yum yum.

For the main I went back to my favourite Chicken Panang curry, which resembles a small bowl of soup with the actual chicken pieces marinated in it. The sweetness of the dishes always makes me think it should be a dessert. And speaking of which tonight I ventured into the land of the sticky toffee pudding – probably the best on the island!

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